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A highly effective treatment that uses extreme cold – created by liquid nitrogen or argon gas - to freeze and destroy abnormal or damaged tissue caused by a variety of skin conditions and some cancers. A minimally invasive therapy, it is usually done without open surgery.

1.How is it done?

A spraying device or a cotton swab is typically used to apply the freezing agent to the affected skin area. This causes the frozen skin to blister and peel off. When such abnormal cells are destroyed, the immune system naturally clears out the dead tissue from your body enabling the regeneration of healthy new skin.

Itremoves damaged or diseased tissue resulting from a variety of skin conditions. The extreme cold freezes the superficial skin growth causing a scab or crust to form, which then falls off together with the skin growth - leaving healthy new skin.

It is usually used to treat skin conditions such as warts, skin tags, dark spots, skin tumours, pre-cancerous skin moles and nodules.

This can vary, depending on theskin condition. *

It is generally considered to be a safe procedure and most people recover quickly with little pain.